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Sundae best

Sundae best: add quick toppings to ice cream for deliciously easy desserts - Food: Summer EntertainingIce cream means instant dessert. It waits in the freezer, always on call, ready to appear au naturel or dressed up for a celebration.

Date food

Date food: trick her into thinking you're a gourmet cook with this quick and easy mealBeef, like this filet mignon, is a great source of CLA--CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID--a type of good fat that has been shown in studies to help increase muscle mass and decrease levels of body fat.

Quick, healthy dishes

Quick, healthy dishes - recipesChicken and Vegetables With Penne makes a hearty one-dish meal. Note: To save time, prep foods-slice, dice and so on-as other items cook.

Go fish

Go fish: start with seafood for a quick, tasty dinner - WeeknightPutting a balanced meal on the table every night is a challenge when work and family compete for your attention. But eating well might be easier than you think--if you think fish. It cooks quickly and is a lean source of protein and iron.

Salad days

Salad days: rice chills out for an easy weeknight meal - Food: Quick CookThis salad is a simplified, lightened version of Richard Wong's original. Make your own seasoning sauce as directed here or, for a shortcut, use a purchased sauce such as his Chinablue Sesame Soy Sauce.


Cooking with Delicious Rattlesnake Meat

Rattlesnake meat is a southwestern delicacy. If you haven't ever eaten rattlesnake, you are in for a real treat. No, it doesn't taste like chicken! It has a much gamier flavor, much more reminiscent of pheasant, frog legs, alligator, or even elk. There are two ways to cook rattlesnake meat: De-boned, or with the bones still intact.

If you cook it with the bones intact you will have to deal with them while eating it. This is no big deal really, and in fact many "just the snake" type recipes (baked snake, southern fired snake, etc.) call for the snake to be cut into pieces and cooked with the bones. Using the snake meat in chili or other dishes where the meat is blended into the dish calls for removing the bones. This can be done by simmering the snake carcass for an hour in a pot of water with some lemon juice and maybe a little bit of spices. Then the meat will come off the bones easily.

Be sure to taste it before mixing it in with the other ingredients! Here is an easy-to-make recipe for Rattlesnake Chili: 1 large onion, chopped 3 large garlic cloves, minced 1 red bell pepper, chopped 3 jalapeno peppers, chopped 1 28 oz. can diced tomatoes 1 15 oz. can tomato paste 1 28 oz. can chili beans 1/4 cup chili powder 2 tsp.

cumin 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. black pepper 2 lb. rattlesnake meat juice from 1/2 lemon Simmer rattlesnake in water and lemon juice for 1 hour, remove and separate meat from bones. Combine de-boned meat with the rest of the ingredients in a crockpot and slow-cook for 6-8 hours, or bring to boil in large cooking pot and simmer for 2 hours.

There is an environmentalist movement that is against the killing of rattlesnakes for food. Of course there is. They think it's cruel.

Despite what these people say, snakes proliferate very efficiently in the wild. Besides, at least this kind of meat is the result of hunting. Snakes are not bred for human consumption - there's something humanly honest and ancestrally connective about that. Is the scene of a massive field of cattle being gently led to the slaughter their portrayal of a humane meat industry? Anyway, I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian! Which brings up another point: There simply are not enough restaurants offering wild game dishes.

Why not? These are the best gourmet plates that can be served! One place I have found them a little more is on cruise ship dinner menus. Not enough, but at least some. Of course, I have never seen a rattlesnake dish offered while at sea. Maybe on a cruise of the Rio Grande?.

Andrew Kasch loves the flavor of game dishes - Boar, Quail, Elk, Caribou, Pheasant, and of course, Rattlesnake! Find more of his rattlesnake recipes at:

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