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Sundae best

Sundae best: add quick toppings to ice cream for deliciously easy desserts - Food: Summer EntertainingIce cream means instant dessert. It waits in the freezer, always on call, ready to appear au naturel or dressed up for a celebration.

Date food

Date food: trick her into thinking you're a gourmet cook with this quick and easy mealBeef, like this filet mignon, is a great source of CLA--CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID--a type of good fat that has been shown in studies to help increase muscle mass and decrease levels of body fat.

Quick, healthy dishes

Quick, healthy dishes - recipesChicken and Vegetables With Penne makes a hearty one-dish meal. Note: To save time, prep foods-slice, dice and so on-as other items cook.

Go fish

Go fish: start with seafood for a quick, tasty dinner - WeeknightPutting a balanced meal on the table every night is a challenge when work and family compete for your attention. But eating well might be easier than you think--if you think fish. It cooks quickly and is a lean source of protein and iron.

Salad days

Salad days: rice chills out for an easy weeknight meal - Food: Quick CookThis salad is a simplified, lightened version of Richard Wong's original. Make your own seasoning sauce as directed here or, for a shortcut, use a purchased sauce such as his Chinablue Sesame Soy Sauce.


Chinese cooking Special ingredients

I have briefly introduced two most classic and expensive Chinese cooking ingredients (shark fins and bird's nest) in my previous article. Here I'll continue to introduce some other special ingredients that are more regularly used in our daily cooking. They are far more affordable. Not like shark fins and bird's nest, people can only dream about in China unless you have plenty of money and don't know where to spend. Jellyfish Jellyfish is preserved in salt and alum. Large, thin and translucent ones are especially good served as appetizer.

It is produced in the South Seas and along seaboards of China, Korea and Japan. The South Seas product is considered to be of the best quality. Method of Preparation Soak jellyfish over night, change water and soak for one more day. Roll the jellyfish up and shred Dip in boiling water for a few seconds and quickly rinse in cold water and drain. Season with vinegar, salt and sugar. Serve Note: There are many other ways to cook jellyfish Preserved Eggs Duck eggs thickly coated with a mixture of salt, lime and rice husks are preserved in a cool, dark place for about three months.

The interior becomes brownish black in color due to fermentation. Remove lime crust and shell, rinse clean, cut lengthwise into six pieces and serve wit shredded ginger, vinegar and soy sauce as an appetizer. Dried Bêche-De-Mer The best bêche-de-mer or sea cucumber when dried is black in color, as that produced in Hokkaido, Japan. It may be sautéed, stewed or braised. To soften: Wash, cover with water and bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

Slit the middle lengthwise and clean inside. Rinse, cover with water and bring to boil again. remove from heat, place on lid, and let stand for three days. Dried Shrimps Dried shrimps after soaking in warm water for about 10 minutes may be used in soups and sautéed dishes, or served cold as an appetizer.

Dried Scallops Dried scallops have a delicate flavor and after softening in hot water, may be used in soups or other dishes as with dried shrimps. Preserved Szechwan (SiChuan, in mandarin) Vegetable This vegetable is the bulb of mustard green preserved in chili, salt and spices, produced in Szechwan, China, and has a unique flavor. It may be used in soups, sautéed dishes or simply sliced and served as an appetizer.

People from north of China normally eat it along with rice congee as breakfast. Cloud Ears There are black and white varieties of cloud ears and the white variety being much more expensive, is used only in special dishes. Most of the Japanese product is either black or dark brown in color. Softened in warm water, it may be used in soups and sautéed or braised dishes. Bean Thread - Chinese Vermicelli Chinese vermicelli made from bean starch is translucent in appearance and does not melt under long cooking.

It may be used in soups or braised dishes after softening in warm water. Variegated Mushrooms The top of this mushroom is variegated with cracks resembling that of a turtle shell. This flavorful mushroom is used in many of the delicate dishes, and may also be served deep fried.

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